Portrait of Rare Fiat 8V "Supersonic"

This two view Portrait captures the sleek lines of the Ghia "Supersonic", a design highlight of the jet age craze of the 1950's. While most auto makers expressed this with outrageous fins and sharp edges, Ghia's design, while jet like, is more restrained. Chrysler designer Virgil Exner followed these lines when designing his Turbine car.

The Fiat 8V or "Otto Vu" in Italian was so named to avoid any confusion or copyright issues with the well known Ford V8. The clever Italians simply reversed the "8" and the "V".

"When I saw this car at the Arizona Concours d'Elegance I was immediately taken with it," said artist Robert Diepenbrock, "the bulging headlights sweeping back into the jet engine tail lights with just a hint of a fin is brash and classy at the same time."

Only eight "Supersonics" were produced by Fiat-Ghia in 1953 and '54, making the car rare and desirable. Combined this with the stunning design and you have a classic that fetches over a million dollars at auction.

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