Cadillac Custom Ghia Coupe "Rita Hayworth"

This 1953 Cadillac Custom Ghia Coupe is the next in a series of Historic Portraits illustrating the automobiles of famous persons. "I really enjoy creating these Historic Portraits, there's always a fascinating and little known history connected with the automobiles and their famous owners," artist Robert Diepenbrock commented, " this rare custom Cadillac owned by Rita Hayworth, 'The American Love Goddess,' is a perfect example."

Rita Hayworth's stunning sensual looks attracted powerful men, including husband Orson Wells, who directed and starred with her in The Lady From Shanghai. Her second husband Prince Aly Kahn was one of the richest men in the world. He was also an itinerate playboy and his infidelities caused Hayworth to file for divorce after only a year. To woo her back he presented her with this rare 1953 Ghia Custom Cadillac. The Cadillac was one of two custom bodied by Italian coach-maker Ghia for the 1953 Paris Auto Salon. It was seen there by Prince Aly Kahn who bought it. His automotive attempt at reconciliation was rebuffed and Hayworth kept the car. The Italian flowing curves and daring chrome accents reflect the sensuality and glamour of the fabled actress. After several private owners the Cadillac was purchased and restored by renowned collector Robert Petersen and is now a star of the fabulous Petersen Collection in Los Angeles.


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